Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My ballot has been cast

This is actually the first time I have voted in this district. I've lived here for almost 3 years, but due to my student status I held my residency in New Jersey and that is where I voted. Let me tell you there is a great difference between here and there. My small town in New Jersey actually had two mechanical voting machines, you just pressed your selection and it would light up, hit done and that was it. Here there were about 8 separate voting booths and I was given one of those scantron type forms to fill out.
I knew who I wanted to vote for, Barack Obama, and I've read about the candidates for other offices, but most of them were running unopposed, so it was easy to vote for them and be sure it was their oval I had filled in. Since this is not something I do very often, I take my time filling the ovals, and double check to make sure every thing is marked as it should be. This is not a task that should be taken lightly and rushed through.
Also of note is the fact that their were way more delegates to be selected on the ballot pledged to Obama than Hillary. Don't know if that is because of the fact that the Clinton campaign did not select enough supporters for the ballot, or it is because my county leans more Obama. I'll make sure to get my local results from the paper tomorrow, so I can share them here.
Anyway, some observations on what I've noticed around Chambersburg. I think one can infer popular support for a candidate based on the number of political signs festooning front lawns. My neighborhood only has two signs, one for Obama (mine) and one for Hillary. Around town there seem to be more Obama signs than Hillary, but Hillary has at least two large banners I saw. One on someones front lawn on route 11, another draped across an Exxon/Mobil sign.
Actually, the presidential candidate with the most signs around town is Ron Paul, but I think that is due to a few industrious supporters rather than an indicator of a large number of Ron Paul supporters in this town. Also of note, no McCain signs. This of course may mean nothing, but I would think that supporters might want to show their fervor in the face of a heated Democratic race, unless of course they are more resigned than excited.

Anyway, my prediction for the percentages: Clinton will win by 8.2%. Of course it would be nice if this were not the case, but I'll be a realist and not hope for massive unpolled turnout of Obama supporters.