Friday, March 23, 2007

News you may have missed 3/23/2007

Sterilized Gypsy Women Speak Out

In America when we think of racism we refer to historically recent developments such as racism towards African-Americans or Hispanics. In Europe such attitudes towards Gypsy’s (Roma) go back as long as anti-Semitism. Also, let me remind everyone that the eugenics movement which led to sterilization started in the United States only to be imported into Europe by Nazi Germany.

Continued Pillaging of Antiquities in Iraq

Yet another casualty of our inability to secure the country. Such pillaging occurs in locals with a high rate of poverty and low security. It will be generations before Iraq is reinstated to any hint of its former self. It will be many more generations before objects of its past and culture will be tracked down after being dispersed around the world through the black market.

Court Strikes Down Internet Porn Law

Protecting children my ass. This law was only an attempt by the moral misjority to force upon everyone their way of life. Not to mention that forcing identity confirmation through use of a credit card number on free sites is just another chance for that information to be stolen. Let parent police the activity of their children, that’s what they are for, get a filter.

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